Just stumbled across few pics on Instagram, don't these kids look adorable!


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So you do get the hint, it isn't really rocket science to be able to make your kids look more cooler and stylish. There are few things you can do without really spending a fortune. Throw in some nice accessories to go with the clothes you decide for the kids -

1. Watches - A cute watch can do wonders to the look of your child and make him or her look absolutely adorable. Other than making them look cute, a watch can always bring more confidence in kids and they get motivated to be more punctual in life.

2. Headgear - Another easy way to make your kids look more trendy is to add some casual headgear. It is fairly easy to choose for girls as there are many options including headbands, colorful hats and caps and even bandannas at times. But even for boys you can find some cool caps to make them look very trendy and stylish.

3. Jewelry - This would general be applicable for girl kids and there are ton of options available including bracelets, necklaces, rings etc. Just make sure you do not make your kid girl wear adult jewelry as it would not really make her look cool and trendy.

4. Shoes and Sandals - This is probably the most important accessory your kid will wear and will contribute hugely towards how he or she looks. There are vast variety of options available for both boys and girls and most leading brands and very attractive footwear available for almost all age groups.

Apart from the accessories, you have to make sure that your choice of clothing is bang on. It is very important that kids wear fitting clothes and aren't too loose or tight. Color selection should be according to the weather too -- light, pastel colors work perfect during the summer times and darker shades make them look and feel warm in winters. Just like the way you spend time selecting and managing your clothes, it is also important that you do the same for your kids too. Also teach them how to do it themselves too so that your life is a bit easier as they grow up. A bit of effort and time will go a long way in boosting the confidence of your kids both in and out of school. Happy dressing!

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